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Children’s scooter will be incorporated into 3C certification

Many kids like to play on scooters, but what parents might not know is that this scooter hides a lot of security risks. Look at the following two groups: the data of injury accidents caused by the United States in 2015 a year of non motorized scooters in 52 thousand and 400 cases in the first class of toy injuries accident, injury mainly for crush injury, injury, fall and contusion; the first half of 2015, the quality and safety risk monitoring of the national quality inspection administration implemented the children’s scooter children, Walker and other 5 categories of children’s products, a total of 48 batches of samples from children’s scooter, of which 46 batches of mechanical and physical performance problems. It is reported that the national standard for children’s scooters has been implemented in early 2016, and the scooter which is not in accordance with the regulations can not be sold again. So what about the peninsula city scene?
The measurements show that the diameter of the round hole is about 7 mm, and the risk of finger pinch in children may be present.
– GB
Clearance and wheel dimensions
There are mandatory rules
The current national standard for children’s scooters, called “GB 6675.12-2014”, was implemented in January 1, 2016, and all technical content was mandatory.
The standard specifies the details of a scooter for children. Among them, “adjustable, folding the vertical tube and the cross tube” in a clear, “may pinch fingers moving parts of the gap should: if you can insert 5 mm round rod, also should insert 12 mm round rod.”.” This means that if the hole on the scooter is larger than 5 millimeters, it should be larger than 12 millimeters. Why is there such a requirement? According to reports, if the hole diameter between 5 to 12 mm, children’s fingers easy to go in, but not easy to return, if a long time, poor blood circulation, it can even lead to serious finger necrosis.
Toy handlebar sleeve end diameter greater than 40 mm, the standard setting in order to prevent children playing scooter process, hand may have an outward force, if the end of small diameter, small size, the hand is easy to slip, causing the vehicle to lose control, fall injuries.
In addition, the new national standard for children scooter front wheel size is also clearly defined, the front wheel size should be greater than 90 mm. There may be coulee cover on the road, or groove like, if the wheel is too small, it may be to go inside the card slot, overturning damage.

Private stroller in Shanghai, Disney lost, lawyers differ

Caption: Disney park attractions near the stroller berth, only signs, no special care.
Have been to Shanghai, Disney garden parents know that children can enter the park, but can not enter the attractions, parking must be parked in the designated parking area. The baby stroller can not carry, placed in the designated place is not safe, this has become a lot of children with children into the parents of a worry.
Recently, many tourists have shown that the loss of private cars has occurred frequently. In this regard, Disney garden side said: “baby stroller belongs to private goods, visitors need to take care of themselves.”.”
The stroller in the parking lot is missing
Ms. Zhang has a lovely little boy in his family. He is two and a half years old, and his family often go to visit Disney Park in Shanghai. According to Ms. Zhang recalled, they have been to Disney 5 times, every time pushing stroller to go, for children can not enter the provisions of recreational facilities, she has long been aware of. But I did not expect that, in March 17th, she took the baby sixth times in the park when the accident occurred.
At 2:30 pm that day, Ms. Zhang came to the roundabout with her baby, and she placed the baby carriage at the designated berth as usual. “I have been there several times. I know that the scenic spots in the park are basically not allowed to enter the stroller. There will be a stroller park at the entrance.”.” Ms. Zhang recalled, parking spaces where only one “stroller berth” signs, and there is no staff nearby to take care of. So they spent more than 2000 yuan purchasing baby stroller on an unattended land, Ms. Zhang also had concerns, but out of Disney’s trust, she every time assured to stop in the designated area.
“Queuing, plus facilities to play, less than half an hour we came out, and found the baby carriage disappeared.”.” Ms. Zhang said, initially, she did not expect the baby stroller will be lost, in her usual experience, although the staff are not responsible for custody, but they will be in the child litter stacked when the shift adjustment. So she and her family went around the merry go round, looking for the baby stroller. She held the baby and went around a big circle, still missing the baby carriage. “At that time, I was sure the baby carrier was lost.”.”

American parents push strollers to call attention to children’s growing environment

American, parents, push, strollers, to, call, attention, to,, children’s, growing, environment

Watch traffic chaos, two baby carriages run through red lights together

Is there any traffic chaos in Bishan, such as pedestrians crossing the streets indiscriminately, pedestrians and cars? This reporter conducted a relevant investigation, found that “do not see, do not know,” a look at the jump!”
More than 30 people cross the road in 10 minutes
Early in April 18th, the reporter came to the Bi Star Road intersection, pedestrian crossing the red light on the behavior of the investigation.
Around 9, the reporter stayed in the intersection less than a minute, a group of people running red light. In March, most of them left, while wandering the side before. And passing vehicles had to whistle, pedestrians and traffic intertwined, very dangerous.
On an adjacent zebra crossing, an old woman falls into the traffic in the middle of the road. The old man was running about, and the old man was trembling.
Reporter statistics, in the intersection observed nearly 10 minutes, found at least 30 people across the street.
Special point is that, because there is a bus stop here 901, many people get off, directly from the swimming pool side across to the opposite side, and the front of the zebra crossing from here, but ten meters.
The two baby carriages ran through the red light
Reporters observed that most people can abide by the red lights, stop green line rules, and consciously wait for the green light crossing the road, but there are still many people rob the red light dangerous behavior.
In the road traffic light intersection Donglin Party, two people pushing a car at a red light and 5 seconds, it will be a baby cart to the zebra crossing. While walking, the expression was very relaxed and comfortable.
Mountain road and double intersection, an old man shouted “go”, then several old people stepping on the red light, a red light road zebra crossing.
In the lake garden station intersection, a body not sitting in a wheelchair people stuck in the zebra crossing, now surrounded by traffic, horn four. From the horn of drivers in every direction, there were complaints of disregard for pedestrians’ red lights.

Half year old boy sitting Walker knocked thermos burns caused by shock

“Doctor, save my child!”!” At 12:00 on April 18th, a young couple and an elderly woman cried and rushed into the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zibo. The old woman was in a coma with a baby in her arms. When asked about the situation, the burn surgeon started the operation immediately.
Reporters learned that the scalded child Hao Hao only half years old. At 10:00 on April 18th, Hao Hao, who lives in Zouping, was at home with grandma. Grandma was preparing lunch and Hao Haofang was in the walker.
Unexpectedly, the tragedy happened! Hao Hao lively, in the walker ran, suddenly knocked the coffee table thermos bottle, hot water sprinkled on the body of Hao Hao……
Burn plastic surgery doctor told reporters, Hao Hao came to the hospital has been shocked. “The body burns 33%, almost all over the back.”. After emergency infusion, oxygen inhalation, bandaging and other rescue, finally smooth down, but still in danger.”
According to statistics, burns and plastic surgery of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zibo city since last year there were 5 children under the age of 101, are hot hot water scald, in which there were 8 children under the age of 1 using a walker walking around and knocked thermos scalded.
The head nurse of the burn and plastic surgery department told reporters that the baby walker is a tool for many parents to learn how to walk. It reduces the burden of caregivers, but there are also risks for walkers. The baby’s climb, stand, bend, walk is a gradual process, to strengthen the coordination of the movement of each part of the body is essential, every link is indispensable. While sitting in the walker children use the wheel to slide easily, lack of exercise, prone to “Sid syndrome” is active, self willed, grumpy, not easy to communicate with people and other character flaws, this one. As the saying goes, “seven get eight weeks will go climb, the parents early to give the baby the baby walker, just sit sit walker, because small, feet can not fully, forming a tiptoe walking posture, legs bent and even lead to bone formation bandy legs, the second. The child can move freely and rapidly in the walker, and may approach the dangerous areas such as fire, electricity, heat source and so on.
In short, burn plastic surgery medical staff reminded that in the care of good children at the same time, please try to keep the child away from the baby walker.

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